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Introducing Alta

Technology will bring about a new era in the way hospitality is experienced and provided. This evolution is evident from trends in both the hotel and greater service industries. It’s all about delivering personalized value to guests through authentic and natural interactions. A deep understanding and passion for the art of service is required to drive this movement, and a product inspired by this desire to always provide our fellow humans a little better service is the tool.

We started TengWirth earlier this year with the goal of delivering this tool.

I am honored, therefore, to finally present it to you. Its called Alta, and it’s amazing.

The Alta mobile app enhances any stay by empowering users to discover and request available goods and services.

Alta equips hospitality providers to effectively showcase their unique offerings, manage issues, and establish a real-time communication channel with customers.

The days of standardized hotel experiences are over… and good riddance!

We’ve grown up in it – it’s what I studied, and learned through my professional experiences. I have written ‘Standard Operating Procedures’ manuals from start to finish that describe to employees exactly what words to use, how to behave, and how to look in every possible situation in order to maximize customer satisfaction scores, referrals, and most importantly – profits. This has proven to be a very successful strategy, but today, it’s not enough. As guests, we demand more, because now we can.

Hence why guests are becoming less brand-dependent, looking instead to hotels that provide them the best value. No wonder guests these days prefer smaller, boutique, design-oriented hotels; destinations that are unique and make you feel special.

The hotels that provide exactly what guests want, how they want it – each and every time – are those that will stand out from the remnants of the age of industrialization. Alta makes this possible, anywhere.

Within weeks, the beta release of the mobile app will be available for iOS users to test at a select number of luxury hotels in New York City. It is important to note, however, that Alta will eventually be available to all guests, at all hotels, and soon enough, everywhere that people provide direct services to other people. The point is not to replace human interaction, but to enhance it. Alta is the future.

With great excitement and determination,

Nicholas Wirth
CEO of TengWirth, Inc.


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