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Our mission is to build upon the tradition of innovation in the hotel industry by combining the best of today's technology and design to provide guests everywhere with unparalleled value and service

boost customer sales

Present your available products and services in a digital format that will raise your bottom line.

improve service process

Our software platform gives employees an effective, immediate medium to receive, record, and respond to customer requests.

enhanced data analytics

Know more about your guests' preferences and behaviors through reports that aggregate valuable and unique data in meaningful and productive ways.

elevate guest satisfaction

Increase customer satisfaction with a product designed to accomodate specific guest preferences.


Alta is an innovative software platform that modernizes the art of hospitality.

The Alta mobile app enhances any stay by empowering users to discover and request available goods or services.

Alta equips hospitality providers to effectively showcase their unique offerings, manage issues, and establish a real-time communication channel with customers - elevating the entire guest experience.

Get Alta. Upgrade the way you stay.

Our Team

TengWirth was founded by committed hotel professionals with hands-on experience spanning all aspects of operational setup; familiarity with the industry and its needs, challenges, and opportunities; and the backing of generations’ worth of hotel connections.

  • Nicholas P. Wirth hotel
  • Nicholas Wirth

    Extensive leadership experience in hotels, restaurants, and organizations throughout the US, South America, Europe, and Africa

  • Jonathan Teng co-founder
  • Jonathan Teng

    Comprehensive knowledge of hotel operations and established personal relationships with key industry players

  • Guenter Richter legend
  • Guenter Richter

    Among the most successful international hoteliers, recognized for opening and managing legendary establishments



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